Shop 2019 Pre-Conference Registration

The MAWD Annual Convention is taking place December 5 - 7, 2019 at Arrowwood Conference Center in Alexandria. 
This registration includes access to our Pre-Conference Workshops which is taking place on Thursday, December 5. 
Please indicate which workshop you will be attending. The registration is $100 per person, this does include a continental breakfast and a luncheon. The registration rate will increase to $150 on November 11th and the deadline is November 27th. 
The workshops to select from include the following: 
Staff Development - Mindfulness: learn and practice several techniques to reduce stress and be more focused throughout your workday.

Minnesota Drainage Seminar: hear from agencies, attorneys, inspectors, and engineers on the latest topics in drainage.  

Watershed Management: learn manager techniques that will help your Watershed District excel.